“This is what learning is. You suddenly understand something you’ve understood all your life, but in a new way.”

~Doris Lessing


A few years ago I was standing in our local farm market, hands full of these wonderfully earthy smelling spring greens, when I heard a womxn’s voice say, “Excuse me.” I turned, expecting to find she wanted to reach the greens. Instead she leaned in a bit and said “Can I just say how beautiful your hair is?”

Now, my hair is pretty unremarkable, to be honest. Its one stand-out feature is its color: mostly silver-gray with remnants of my original medium brown. (A few years ago, before silver got trendy, it wasn’t unusual for me to be the one womxn in the room with graying hair.)

This womxn wasn’t the first to approach me, either. The more silver I got, the more frequently random womxn would tell me how courageous they thought I was to let my hair gray naturally.

There was so much quietly intense yearning in their voices and bodies when we talked, which just says so much about the world we live in, and the smothering weight of the expectations womxn - especially aging womxn - live under.

That quietly intense yearning continues to be an unspoken undercurrent when I’m in conversation with womxn of deepening years.

There’s so much we want to say and do and be. But it can feel impossible. Especially when we so often feel alone. Or ashamed. (Seriously! Ashamed of a natural process - a natural rhythm of every human life!)

So I’ve created these services for womxn like us. Who want more from life and work than this culture is willing to let us have. You’ll find help and sister crones here.

I can’t wait to walk with you.

“A true teacher & connector of knowledge & insight. I always feel empowered & joyful after working with Tracie.”
— Tracy Povey McGovern

Rebel Crone Rising

Rebel Crone Rising is a collective of 50-ish+, introverted, spiritual-journeying womxn who want what patriarchy and agism aren’t willing to give us, so we’re creating it for ourselves.

“Tracie is a wise, multi-talented, skillful, and caring coach and inspirational leader with a deep love of Nature. She specializes in working with highly sensitive people.”
— Rahima Warren, Author Star-Seer's Prophecy Trilogy

Essential Now

Essential oil + vibrational essence combinations responding to the energies and events happening in the world now. Co-created with the plant allies and meant to support us as we walk the uneasy places in our inner and outer lives and be allies to transition - to change - to unmaking and remaking and coming home.


We are - none of us - cookie-cutter womxn.

The conundrums we face, the uneasinesses we walk, these aren’t cookie-cutter either. So, of course, it follows that the explorations and solutions we need are as unique as we are.