Rebel Crone Rising


The patriarchy and ageists want us to feel small, spent, and ALONE.

Let’s disappoint them.


Rebel Crone Rising is a collective-in-the-making of 50-ish+, introverted, spiritual-journeying womxn who want what patriarchy and agism aren’t willing to give us, so we’re creating it for ourselves.


Beloved rebel crone..

you stand
surging with power
ready for
creative movement
the rich broth of
a half century of
pain and laughter and
life-shifting realizations
singing in your blood  

and they look through you

startled you shift
your stance and
meet their eyes
all hope and disbelief and
and again 

they look through you

you, magnificent one
you know what you bring
(or if not know - you can feel
her indelible stirring)

they, magnificent one
they have bought the
myths patriarchy sells

the ones that write you off
as spent, withered, creationless

the ones that silence your voice
phase out your presence
divide you from
sister crones

the truth is
magnificent one,
your voice and surging
power and creative juice
nourish you yet
terrify them

the truth is
you are already outside
their confines,

you with
your silvering hair
and softening skin

you who are
moving life at the
oh-so-sane pace
of a body that knows
pushing only means
missing the best parts

the truth is
you are accompanied
by waves of womxn
softening and silvering
and sane-moving with you

the truth is
patriarchy’s fear
is your freedom

stand in your surging power
gather with the ones like you
stay outside their confines
and build something
real and fierce with the truth
only your bones can sing


There’s home and hope in gathering with sister travelers..

You may not yet think of yourself as a rebel, or as a crone. You may be in that wash of confusion between young middle years - where your role is at least somewhat clear - and later middle years where people begin to look through you.

You do know you don’t want what society is dishing out. The cringe-worthy ways popular media portrays womxn like us. How the acceptable roles narrow to 1) invisibility 2) being forever youthful 3) Cozy, non-threatening, self-sacrificing, cookie-baking stereotypical grandma. (OK, the cookie part may be groovy, but the rest? Not so much.)

You might feel confused. Displaced. Like there’s more to be had from this life. More to be done. More to be changed. You might be fed up. Or, as a friend says, “Fresh out of fucks.”

Being a rebel crone is..

the bone-deep memory of council fires where wild and womxn voices wove to create wellbeing for a community.

the echo of 13.8 billion years of growth and change and literally walking fire - being fire - to become the presence - the state of being - we are now.

about each crone defining her cronedom for herself. The rhythm of it. The ease and joy of it. The service and responsibility of it. The solitude and sacred space of it.


Being a rebel crone isn’t just about redefining how aging or eldering is viewed in this culture, it’s writing a new story - your story - about what these years mean and how they can be lived.


I can almost hear her,
that part of you
who wants to slip
back into the confines
to accept invisibility
to accept eldering
on their terms

she’s sometimes weary
sometimes scared
sometimes has simply
had enough and would
like to travel
the easy road
(if only the fire in her
belly would let her)

the truth is
that fire won’t go out

the truth is
it’s easier and sweeter
when we’re together

the truth is
there’s only forward
and only one life
and only so much time

So, magnificent one
ask yourself …
If not now, then when?

When connection and community
and people who see
you with eyes of
love and respect
are out here,
why wait?


There’s a smoldering fire in your belly that will whoosh into life if you feed her the tiniest bit of love and attention. So let’s feed her.

By gathering in virtual council at the new moon, coming together weekly to create in community, joining me ‘round the virtual fire each month to explore aspects of cronedome both practical and magical, and having quarterly coffee with a visiting crone, we will build a vibrant, interesting, nourishing place in which to grow, create, imagine, gather courage and take leaps of faith.

Together we will build that thing that is real and fierce with truth only your bones can sing.

“For me, hearing the stories of other women was an important way to connect and come together as a group. Then when you led us in the guided meditation allowing that which is no longer serving us to come out and be transformed into something new and revitalizing, that felt to me like the powerful integration that I needed at just the right time. The powerful blessings for what we want to create in the future was an empowering way to end our time together.”
— Ann D.

Rebel = because we’re not accepting the crazy notions that

*we must somehow stay eternally youthful

*we must quietly fade into invisibility

*we must be sweet, cooking-baking, there for everyone, no sense of self grannies

*the changes in our bodies make us less innovative, creative, courageous…


Crone = because it’s a word for both womxn and being older that

isn’t dragging two millennia of patriarchal assumptions around clanking and banging and generally obscuring us. It’s outside the stereotype, a bit radical, and quietly gaining respect in some corners of our culture.


Rising = because we’ve been silenced and dismissed long enough, thankyouverymuch.

Because this culture needs us - our ideas, our lived experience, our creativity, our burnished in the fires of life courage and strength.


I’m in this with you, you know.

Tracie Nichols, M.A., IAC. Rebel Crone. Poet. Coach & Mentor. Alchemical Aromatherapist. Steeped in the theory and practice of Transformative Learning and Human Transformation (that’s the M.A. bit). Co-creator with the plant world of countless communities of changemaking essential oils (that’s the IAC bit). Creatrix of over 200 workshops, sacred circles, and classes. Free-range wordscapist (that’s the poet bit.) Highly sensitive, introverted, and very much a crone who is both rebellious and rising to lift sister crones who are finding their way.

“Thank you so much for tonight. It was grounding, rejuvenating and so fun to have such a sweet gathering of people. I feel blessed by meeting you and learning these things.”
— Eve B.

Ways I envision us rising together..

(All of our gatherings will be virtual and held using Zoom.)

New Moon Council Fires (every new moon - 60 mins.) - Coming together in sacred space, offering lovingkindness to this aching world. A time to ground yourself in what you choose to be and do for the coming lunar cycle. To witness and be witnessed.

Crone Conversations (monthly - 60 mins) - Part workshop, part sacred circle, these conversations are meant to offer ideas, information and practices that enliven the ways we live ourselves. A few possible topics are: Discovering the New Rhythms of Our Crone Bodies, Plant Your Staff, Rewilding , Rebel Wordscapist, Rebel Crone business owners, Rebel Crones Making a Difference….

Coffee with a Crone (Once every season - 60 mins) - conversations with guest rebel crones about things that matter.

Community Creativity (weekly - 90 minutes) - a weekly time for us to gather in quiet community and work on whatever we choose: creative projects, business tasks, personal paperwork… A great way to relieve isolation and get stuff done we might not otherwise do. I’ll be there to answer brief questions, offer support and work on my own projects.

Rebel Crone Rising Private Facebook Group and Instagram hashtag - a place for you to gather, ask questions, share stories and resources, witness each other as you rise in your cronehood.


Click the button to get all the info about “Rebel Crones Rising: An anti-invisibility, silence-breaking community project” happening in September 2019

“Thank you for the beauty, ease, information, and inspiration you brought to the day. It was lovely - and the women absolutely LOVED the retreat.”
— Elizabeth Venart
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