Individualized Mentoring Conversations

…helping quiet, sensitive, curious, thoughtful womxn of deepening years to (re)discover their inner rebel and rise…


Tell me…

What is the story of your rising?

Because you have one, you know. A unique perspective. Essential thoughts and ideas. Dreams and plans and innovative approaches.

Gathered-from-life wisdom only you can bring to bear for this aching world.


don’t let anything or anyone silence or stop you.

don’t let us miss out on what only you can share or be or do.

So, magnificent sister crone - what’s rising in you now?

What is the story of your rising?

We are - none of us - cookie-cutter womxn.

The conundrums we face, the uneasinesses we walk, these aren’t cookie-cutter either.

Each of us has a unique (uniquely magnificent, IMO) story of our rising to unearth. So, of course, it follows that the explorations and solutions we need are as unique as we are.

“Now that I’m free to be myself, who am I?”
— Mary Oliver

We know solitude, reflection and introspection nourish us.

We also know there are times when what we most need is a sister crone who’s been there and back to walk beside us.

Someone to offer perspective, call out our bullshit, reach a hand when we stumble, celebrate with us our discoveries and leaps and other random acts of courage and self-love.


When we work together, the womxn you see throughout this site is the womxn who will be walking beside you.

Thirty years worth of multifaceted interests and professional expertise woven with my fierce belief in you leavened by dashes of irreverent humor. Think village elder + green witch + wise womxn + educator + alchemist + poet + storyteller + problem solver + planner…

And - because it might help to know this - people tell me I have a calming, earth mother presence. (A friend once had me officiate her wedding because she felt so calm around me — sweetest experience ever!)

Tracie’s knack of combining the practical with the intuitive in her coaching sessions has been a godsend for me in growing my business. She not only sees connections I miss, but then sets the stage so that together we brainstorm multiple practical ideas on how to bring those connections forward into the world. I always leave one of Tracie’s sessions filled with confidence, delight, joy, ideas and skills to take the next needed step!
— Janet Roper, Animist, Elder, Communicator

What mentoring conversations with me look like...

We meet by video chat, so we are each in environments we know.

Our conversations can range through guided visualizations, heartstorming ideas, intuitive listening (both of us!), practical planning and problem solving, connecting with the natural world, creating an aromatherapy blend of plant allies to support you, journaling, poetry (reading and writing), art-making, movement and more…

We are always focused on moving at a rhythm and pace determined by you, toward whatever end point you desire. Every conversation is infused with respect, compassion, my fierce belief in you and honesty. Always.

They are not counseling, therapy, traditional coaching, quick fixes, step-by-step instructions or for someone who is only kinda-sorta committed to personal transformation.


How do you know if mentoring might be for you?

I invite you to find a quiet space and time, take a few grounding breaths, then ask yourself, “Am I ready and willing to commit to deep personal exploration?” Filter the question into your body and see what she/they says, paying special attention to the resonance of the words “willing”, “commit” and “deep.”

If you feel a sense of rightness, or curiosity, or maybe a full-throated “YES!” then let’s have virtual tea…

Here’s what to do ...

Schedule virtual tea with me by clicking the purple button below. We’ll listen - deeply - to each other, to our bodies, to the voices of the wild wise ancestors and kin. We will honor and respect each other’s inner wisdom. We’ll speak honestly about our questions and yearnings and the outcomes for which we hope. You and your wild heart will pause and breathe and integrate regularly. We’ll discern possible next nourishing steps.


If you’re not ready for tea, but have a few questions, contact me here.