Essential Now - September 2019 Essences

balance discernment EN 9-19.jpg


find balance in chaos - discern truth - choose wisely


This month’s essences announced themselves with few but potent words.

Given that this month contains the equinox - a twice yearly teaching moment about balance from our wise planet - and growing chaos and anger and fear driven by natural disasters, political insanity, and increasing cultural and social instability, well, the plant allies want to offer us a way through. We find balance so we are able to discern truth. Hence BALANCE and DISCERNMENT. Aromatherapy sprays meant to be used in sequence with BALANCE clearing the way for DISCERNMENT’s refining presence.



With a fragrance profile that invites us to take a breath, land in our hearts, settle our feet - and/or our presence - on solid ground and become fully aware, BALANCE realigns us after the buffeting of the world scatters us.


DISCERNMENT’s scent offers the same relief as a refreshing wind after a long spell of humid, smothering stillness. The essence of the situation becomes clear. Choices, actions, truths, too.