Essential Now - August 2019 Essences



Joyfully, outrageously ALIVE.


This is where the magic happens. When I open this unassuming box where all these tiny amber bottles full of liquid alchemy live and my senses are filled with their oh-so-alive scent. And soon, in a rush of plant-wise generosity that almost always surprises me, my ever-curious heart and mind begin to know/sense the community of essential oils who choose to come together and create the scent energy that is essential now for people and the planet. (Which is, of course, why I call both process and program Essential Now.)

This month the Essential Now essences are calling themselves NATURE and MOVEMENT and can I just say…whoa! Their relationship to each other and to us is complex and beautiful and so, so nourishing.



Dipping us into the nature of things and into our innate nature. Knowing our nature = Knowing the nature of LIFE. Knowing the rhythms of aliveness. Knowing the nature of things means knowing Place as if it is ourselves. Means knowing belonging as if it is ourselves.


Dancing us into understanding the nature of movement. Movement as expression of creative impulse. Movement as an expression of the nature of change. Movement as an expression of being alive. Movement as the natural extension of our belonging.