Essential Now - April 2019 Essences


Both stillness and movement, inward and outward looking. Layers of alliance to be present, to expand your presence, and to lift others as you grow.

nourish & rising - april 2019 EN.jpg


This essence is all about getting still enough to be nourished. (If you were a seedling pushing through the ground headed toward blossoming, to gather nutrients from the sun, rain, soil and wind.) It’s about being able to be focusing within even in the midst of rising / growing / moving outward energy. Helping you to build resilience in the face of expanding anger and divisiveness in the world.


This essence is all about a nourished, gentle, deliberate rising. Lifting your face to the sun, preparing to unfurl the newness of you. It’s about lifting yourself - and others - from a nourished, grounded place so everyone thrives and no one gets depleted or overwhelmed.