Essential Now - June 2019 Essences


Honoring the fiery presence of summer solstice in the northern hemisphere, this month the plant allies are offering strategic aides to “playing with fire.”


Because, fire is happening whether or not we want it to be. The world is burning with so. much. pain.

So...the plant allies are here to offer their wisdom on how to co-create with fire as an ally to peace. To kindness. To wise compassion and thoughtfulness. As they say, “We’re experts, really. We do it every day when we open ourselves to the heat and fire of the sun.”

Through the essential oils included in the essences, the plant allies are inviting in the elements - air, fire, earth and water - to help guide fiery impulses while still helping your heart flame burn bright. 



Because sometimes we’re burning too brightly, too hot, or too long. Contain will help you bank the blaze without flaming out. 


Because other times we’re feeling rained on, smothered, gray and misty and simply need to coax a spark into a flame.