Over and over again I hear womxn like us - sensitive, introverted, thoughtful, curious, womxn of deepening years - wishing they could find really good conversations. Rich, interesting, below-the-surface explorations mixed with humor and kindness and gentle honesty. 

In short, looking for…

Conversations That Matter


We crave them because they’re nourishment.

They give us a place to flex our minds and hearts and talk about things that are so often taboo or simply ignored like menopause or loneliness or the bittersweet freedom of aging. And to talk about these kinds of things with other womxn who get it. Who are breaking the same kind of life trails.

Frustratingly, they are increasingly hard to find in the noise and chaos that characterizes so much of our world these days, especially for sensitive, introverted, thoughtful womxn.


So, where can we find them?

Right here!

See, after being immersed in conversations that matter for a month during a recent anti-ageism, anti-invisibility project with a bunch of glorious deepening years womxn (I’m talking about the Rebel Crones Rising project.) I realized how much I really want them in my life.

Based on the feedback I received after the project, I’m not the only one.

So, I’m creating the space for them. I mean, we have the means (my Zoom) and the desire, so let’s keep talking about what that matters to us. 

Here’s what I’m proposing:

A suggested donation (TBA - but probably $5 USD)

I’ll open a zoom conference space for 60 minutes weekly at 11:00 am (GMT -5) on Wednesdays, starting Wednesday, October 30, 2019. (RSVP below to get the link to join.)

We’ll open with a grounding/centering practice or guided visualization

I’ll have a topic or focusing question prepared (these will eventually be based on your questions and input) then we’ll dive in and have one of those thoughtful conversations we’re craving.

We’ll close with an appreciation practice. 

We’ll see how it goes. If folks are loving it, then we’ll rock on! If we need to tweak format or time or what have you, we’ll do that. 

Click the button below to RSVP for the next Conversation That Matters.