Applying nature’s wisdom to social change work

I have these groovy cards (kinda like flashcards) from Toby Lynn Herzlich of Biomimicry for Social Innovation.

They talk about applying nature’s wisdom to our social change work.

To restructuring leadership and organizations as living systems so they are more effective.

To making organizations function as living systems based on the principles of life so they are creating conditions conducive to life for all life. Human, more-than-human. All of us.

While sorting the cards by category (I’m nerdy like that sometimes) I realized that the category with the most cards was, by far, “Cultivating Cooperative Relationships.”

Have I mentioned lately that empathy is a highly sensitive, body-wise superpower?

We already have the knowledge we need to cultivate social change that creates conditions that create life. It’s humming in our bones. Singing in our blood.

It’s not a huge leap from there to incorporate that knowledge in our businesses and practices to make our work create conditions that nurture life.

Our job? To get radically present, listen, choose life-affirming action and then take it.