My name’s Tracie Nichols...

I’m a rebel crone, mentor, poet and alchemical aromatherapist.

I’m all about creating spaces where 50-ish+ sensitive, introverted womxn can unfurl their voices, be who they choose to be and do what they choose to do. Because, ohmygoddess if there ever was a time when our perspective is needed, it’s now.


It all started when…


Years ago, my favorite aunt handed me a tiny amber bottle and I breathed in the intoxicating sunlight and honey fragrance of Melissa essential oil. The scent was so alive it just shattered my narrow-lensed perspective. A dozen years and dozens of alternative wellness and spiritual explorations later I landed in a non-traditional graduate program (studying Human and Organizational Transformation) that cracked me wide again and made me a passionate advocate for womxn’s voices.

A bunch more certifications (I do love being a student!) plus a decade in private practice and here I am bringing together every iota of those 30 years of experience for you.

Because your quiet, sensitive crone-womxn voice is essential. Essential.

“Tracie will see you, hear you, and gently guide you toward your own truth. I was struck by her warmth and kindness. She is deeply wise, skilled and knowledgeable. Having herself succeeded in many disparate endeavors, Tracie can add value to your search whatever your field or stage of life. You will leave each session with actionable steps, resources to pursue, and pearls of wisdom to ponder. You will be glad you met her!”
— Dana Barron

I am really skilled at..

  • guiding you through the wild and unmapped borderlands of deep life or business transitions so you can get where you want to go without quitting or getting lost in the weeds (too often)

  • helping you unsilence yourself from patriarchy and ageism (and other “isms”) so you can say the words or set the boundary or create the thing…

  • creating and holding transformative spaces so we can do all this stuff in nourishing, laughter and respect-filled circles of other womxn who are wrestling the same beasties.


I adore..

  • co-creating with the plant world communities of changemaking essential oils. They are one of the best allies for navigating transformation. (That’s why they often play a part in workshops and in mentoring work I do.)

  • spending time with the ecosystem where I live. Listening. Remembering my place in this Place. Being nourished here.

  • my wooly-bearded husband and partner of so many years


I am..

Highly sensitive, introverted, multipotentialed and very much a crone who is both rebellious and rising. Also mother of 3 grown children, companion to Strider the Determined, a ginger tabby cat who adopted us. I’ll let you figure out why I call him “The Determined”.

“Everyone needs a tribe.People who really ‘get’ you & help support you during periods of transition and growth.Tracie is the medicine women in my tribe. Her knowledge, compassion, groundedness, and insight have been a gift to me during my transition from corporate life into building my own private practice.Tracie meets me where I am at each session and I leave feeling seen, heard, felt, and more willing to explore unknown territory.”
— Brittiney George, Somatic Therapist and Movement Practitioner

Why does this matter to you? I’m glad you asked..

See, I believe we all have something essential to say / do / contribute. Introverts. HSP’s. Crones. All of us.

But we’re dragging around this godawful mess of imposed expectations and stereotypes about how we’re supposed to look and act. And then there’s the whole “don’t trust yourself or other womxn” message hammered into us from birth.

Seriously. No wonder we’re all so tired. No wonder so many of us feel trapped. Alone. Invisible. Sometimes hopeless or bitter or really, really pissed-off.

The deck really is stacked against us.

AND… there are ways we can choose to walk away from the game.

Coming together. Witnessing each other. Sharing our stories. Shredding the invisibility cloak. That’s the way to disentangle ourselves from the smothering myths and stereotypes we’re fed by this culture. The way to unearth reserves of courage and resilience and unfurl our winds-of-change voices.

“Tracie, I’m tempted to say that since our mentoring sessions, I’m a new person. But that’s not quite true. What I am, thanks to your profound gift for ever so gently guiding me to see what my heart already knows, is the real me –unstuck, no longer overwhelmed, making heart-centered choices and allowing my voice and my vision to be heard and seen. I can’t thank you enough for helping me to acknowledge my inner wisdom, for always sharing just the right tools to feel grounded and supported as I worked through my doubts and fears. I still laugh when I think about our first session, when you said we would work on ‘peeling away those layers of not good enough.’ It’s so much easier to breathe and laugh and shine without those layers! You are a mirror made human, reflecting back to me my own radiance, and I am eternally grateful.”
— Liz Chesla, MA, CYT

If you see yourself in any of this, please remember you’re not alone, and check out the ways we can work together.

and if you’d like to know just a bit more about the silver-haired mystic behind the screen…go here.