So, you’re a 50-ish introverted, off-the-beaten-path kind of womxn, too?


Then I’ll bet you know this story: show your age even a little bit and you’re dismissed, ignored, dumped off the cultural radar as “too old.” Bullshit? Definitely.

Yet - silver lining time - being invisible offers us maneuvering room. Think about it … we're uniquely positioned to subvert the story this culture tells about womxn and age, and write a new one.

Lofty goal, I know. So here - this site and the virtual circles, classes and mentoring I do - we start with ourselves and each other. None of us have to walk invisible or alone ever again.

“I think something worth mentioning for me has been the ease of the sessions and the deep connection I have felt to you throughout the work. I am not typically a phone person because I often feel very disconnected during calls and that distracts me. I have never felt that way during our calls. I feel like you’re in the room with me. I don’t feel the need to fill the air. Because you respect silence, check in, and are attuned to shifts in energy, tone, or dialogue I never feel alone. I feel emotionally, energetically, and physically supported during our calls despite the fact that we are in different physical locations.”
— Brittiney George, Somatic Therapist and Movement Practitioner

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