It gets better, you know.

Whatever violence or abuse you’ve survived, you’ll {re}discover a delicious life. I did.

You’re not alone. Ever. 

Our whole beautiful, vibrant planet is already on your side, loving you and willing to show you what She knows about resilience and luscious living.

I’m here, too. I’ve been there and back and I’m here to share everything I know about turning your wildly, fiercely, sacred self loose into life no matter what the critical, doubting voices may say.

You are beautiful and sacred. (Breathe that into your body and bask in it!)

As outrageous as it may seem, and yep, I know how crazy sounding our critical voices can be, your life experience is a doorway to something rich and powerful.

You are so much more than what you’ve survived.

Your yearnings – to feel powerful, worthy, whole; to dream big or not-so-big and make it happen – are real, valid and very, very worthwhile.

I’ve been there, too. I get how this feels.

I know you may not believe all this…yet. It definitely took me a while to know how much hope there is.

I’ve been there wanting to be more than my survivorship. Feeling achingly alone without a connection to the sacred. Needing something deeper than what my therapist and the rest of my support system could offer me.

So, I perfected tools and resources of my own design and offer them to wildly, fiercely, sacred women like you.